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J. Mills 02-25-2010 11:44 PM

rmcdaniels 98 Civic DX (B16 @ 10psi)

Rodger came back this morning so we could finish up his tune. I attempted to tune this a few days ago, but due to a bad turbo that just wouldn't build boost we had to give up the first time around. He came back problem free this time and the tuning session went smoothly.

The car is a 98 Civic DX which originally came with a d16y7. The y7 was swapped out for a B16. Seeing that the car is obd2 Rodger had to stick with the stock ecu for inspection reasons. The d16y7 (P2E) ecu is running the B16. To keep the boosted B16 running safely on this ecu Rodger went with a piggy back for his tuning needs. A AEM FIC to be exact. In a way the y7 ecu coupled with the AEM FIC is holding this setup back, but the numbers the car made met Rodgers expectations so he is happy. His goal was a reliable 250hp daily driver, and that it is!

The setup consisted of

81.5 bore
Nippon LS pistons
A Inline Pro or similar cast manifold
A turbonetics turbo (Rodger i forget the specs:))
2.5" downpipe & exhaust
Tuned on a AEM FIC @ 10psi

259hp and 185ft-lbs

Sleeper :)

JDogg 02-26-2010 07:21 AM

why the hell does it spool up so slow? thats crazy lag or boost creep

J. Mills 02-26-2010 07:59 AM

When in boost it held a steady 10psi and stayed there. So no boost creep, just lag.

JDogg 02-26-2010 08:04 AM

Dag that's strange. I have tunened b16s with gt40's that spolled up sooner.

J. Mills 02-26-2010 08:15 AM

Rodger needs to chime in, but from my understanding this turbo was a combination of parts Hung had laying around. I am unsure of what it consisted of exactly.

BLU CIVIC 02-26-2010 12:10 PM

riding incognito

B.M._EK-Honda 02-26-2010 02:55 PM

quite a bit of lag but ive seen far worse
good power though and im loving the sleeper status

ujustdontwantnun 02-26-2010 07:57 PM

nice job! should spool quicker. but if hes happy, thats all that matters!

revn9k 02-26-2010 10:01 PM

Turbo b16 ftmftw for the budget!

Roger, did you ever get that thing to stop the mysterious internal burning of oil?

If Roger owns it, it will be well taken care of; nice little daily bud!!!

stockshock 02-27-2010 09:38 AM

hope that mani is working out well for him!

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