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Carolina Sols Carolina Del Sol owners discuss their unique vehicle

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Old 12-02-2007, 05:36 PM
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Default Short intro to CarolinaSols

OK, OK. I know, I haven't been around much, especially the last few weeks. Busy at work, busy fixing cars, spending time with girlfriend, (insert generic excuse here), etc.

Pete called me today and administered an *OFFICIAL* over-the-phone Bitch Slap so I decided to actually do a few things.

Reminder: There is not a whole lot of traffic in this section, so older threads tend to drop off the main page frequently. I suggest you change the date range and browse through some of the older threads. Also, feel free to bump threads once in a while to keep them active.

1: The "Wake up..." thread has been renamed "Welcome to CarolinaSols" and I made it sticky. Don't ask how. This thread has a little bit of the history of TeamSolCarolina / CarolinaSols, along with a lot of general talk. Good place get a feel for what goes on here.

2: I also cleaned up a little of the trash talk in the "Official Roll Call" thread, and then I went and made it sticky, too. Please, if you have a minute, visit the roll call thread, and tell us about yourself, and feel free to learn all about all the cool peoples around here.

3: It's true, I am the only Mod for this section at the moment, and Dave formally declared me El Presidente, but this isn't MY club. It belongs to ALL of us. Anyone who wants is free to organize a meet, start a new thread, throw out ideas for how we should organize things, etc. I think I am actually going to make a poll and get you to vote on something. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

4: As with most of CarolinaHondas.com, trash-talking and useless flaming will be deleted/edited to make you look like a stupid-ass. Yeah, it's OK to joke around when others know it, but it's not acceptable to show up with a post count of 3 and start maliciously hassling and trying to street race with people you don't know.

5: Have fun, learn, buy and sell stuff, make friends.
Don't take me seriously, unless I'm being serious.
The New CarolinaSols

Originally Posted by boredom View Post
thanks for your input no matter how useless I find it.
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