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Old 11-12-2011, 02:44 PM
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Default del sol info page

http://www.delsol.tym.cz/del_sol_gui...cifiations.pdf this is a good pdf page about the Del sol i found hope u all like.add any good info u all can get

this is sum info i found off of http://members.fortunecity.com/slewi...lsol_count.htm think it is cool to know just how rare these cars relay are now
How Many Del Sol's Were Built

HABU, Del Sol Listserv 3/21/99

Greetings from HABU;
Many of you know of my quest for production
information on the 97 Del Sol VTEC. I'm still gathering data where ever I can
and still have not seen a serial number above 000741 and now maybe I know why.
The first reply from HONDA was verbal and off the record stating that 18 to 20
percent of the 7,700 97 Del Sol's could be VTEC's. (1,540)

Yesterday I received a letter from ...
March 16, 1999.

We are in receipt of your request regarding information for the '97
Del Sol VTEC vehicles manufactured in the U.S.

Per our sales figures there were 750 vehicles manufactured and retailed in the
U.S.. Per your question regarding how many are currently in the U.S. We have
no means of tracking that information.

So much for the English / Japanese / English translation....

In desperation for information I had written directly to the Suzuka Factory in
Japan for production numbers and a picture. One of the questions I ask was how
many Del Sol VTEC's went to the U.S. and how many went to other nations.

At least now, correct or not, we have a written statement from
HONDA saying 750 97 VTEC Del Sol's were manufactured.

I have no Idea if the letter from HONDA would have any impact on
the value or collect-ability of the 97 VTEC, but I will be happy to send copies
to any who want it for a SASE.

I do believe however that the true number is much less..having spent
some time using my Dealers "HONDA NET 2000" "VIN Status Inquiry" computer.
HONDA does not always use consecutive serial numbers...often skipping 9 to 12
digits. If they stoped at 000750...then
it certainly means that less were built.

When I picked up my 97 VTEC Del Sol, my dealer told me that it was the very
last unit he knew of,..maybe he was right.


93 SOHC VTEC Del Sol "EI8HT"

Del Sol Listserv 3/22/99

I talked to American Honda last week and they just called me back with the
following information.

Total number of Del Sol VTECs sold in America 6138
1994 - 1997

Total number of all Del Sols sold in America 84,047
1993 - 1997

I tried to get more detailed information like how many of each were sold
in each production year but this was all they came up with.

Del Sol Listserv 3/28/99

A new message, "The Last Street Fighter...aka Last VTEC Del sol," was posted
on the CLUB SOL On line Discussion Board <http://www.fortunecity.com/banners/i...ubsol.com/cgi-
by HABU on Sunday, 28 March 1999, at 1:03 a.m.

The message reads as follows:


And now for the best in useless information brought to you by your friends
at HABU LABORATORIES. After a staggering amount of research on and off
the Web we can now bring you this data of great significance which is to
the best of our belief, true and accurate.

They very last 1997 Honda Del Sol DOHC VTEC Manufactured and sold in the
U.S. is..


Sold on 10/16/97

in Austin, Texas

More useless information on this special car will be posted as I pry it
out of what ever resource I can find.

Honda has stated that 750 1997 Del Sol VTEC's were built. With them skipping
some serial numbers making #795 the last off the line and the very end
of our beloved VTEC.

Now are not you glad you looked at this message?


This is an automatically-generated notice. If you'd like to be removed
from the mailing list, please visit the CLUB SOL On line Discussion Board
at <http://www.fortunecity.com/banners/interstitial.html?http://www.clubsol.com/cgi-bin/webbbs-config.cgi>, or send your request
to webmaster@clubsol.com. If you wish to respond to this message, please
post your response directly to the board. Thank you!

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Old 11-15-2011, 01:34 AM
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Honda Automotive Parts

cheapest place ive seen to buy del sol mud guards as a set...
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Old 02-11-2016, 12:53 AM
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i want that paperss!!!
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